Are we a nation of slouchers?

If slouching were a crime, then 99% of the UK would probably have a criminal record. As generations come and go, the teachings and benefits of good posture have been sadly forgotten, meaning that the UK is approaching the next millennium as a nation of slouchers with corrupt posture.

Every day people are encouraged to slouch. Lounging on badly designed soft sofas and easy chairs, sitting in the same position hunched over a desk all day of driving the car. Going about the necessary daily business can leave many prone to ill health.

Poor posture may be the true cause of many health problems, such as lower back pain, water retention, cellulite, varicose veins and aching limbs. All these are symptoms, which are usually treated, instead of getting to the heart of the problem, which could simply be poor posture.

These warning symptoms are signs that the body’s vital organs do not have the space needed to function to their full potential. Sit up straight and everyone grows at least two inches, the stomach becomes flatter and the rib cage moves up to its correct position and creates a waistline. This allows the organs to space out and function more efficiently.

To reverse the process of misalignment, there must be a shifting of weight distribution throughout the entire body and the pelvis, back muscles, rib cage and shoulders need to be re-educated and put back into position.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this rebalance is through the induced rhythmic motion of toning tables. Whilst toning tables may have been invented back in the 1930’s, our modern day lifestyle means we still need the benefits they offer, both today and well into the next century.