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Woman in wheelchair walks again after 17 years

Monday, June 23rd, 2014






With such headlines it is not surprising that the story of novelist Anne Bennett’s remarkable recovery has created a huge buzz surrounding the use of toning tables. But as newspapers have a tendency to exaggerate we wanted to put the record straight with the grateful help of Anne herself.

It is true that Anne a former teacher can now walk again but it’s also important that any potential user of toning table understands that the equipment alone cannot take all the credit. We contacted Anne in an attempt to understand exactly what her experiences were.

After an accident at work in the spring of 1990, Anne was eventually told by her specialist in October 1991 that she was facing life in a wheelchair.

Despite her disability Anne continued a daily exercise routine at home until a conversation four years ago led to her beginning a course on toning tables in her local town. When this particular salon closed down 18 months ago Anne visited a salon in a neighboring town were she not only continued to use the toning tables but also discovered the new Body Action.

When asked the main reason for using toning tables Anne said
“I used the toning beds in an effort to stop the muscle tone withering and also to try and prevent bone density from decreasing any more than it had to”

Anne then went on to explain what her doctor had to say about this remarkable recovery.
“He thinks the years of exercise, swimming, toning tables and my own
programme gradually broke down the fibrosis and also maintained enough
muscle tone to support my body when I began to stand and then walk,
especially as I had also lost so much weight (I am just under nine stone now).
So everything helped and when I used the Body Aciton for the first time, the movement
I felt the doctor thinks was the fibrosis finally breaking through. I enjoy
exercise and love using the toning tables, which I think still are and have
been very good for me and the Body Action is like the icing on the cake. I think
many more could benefit from using them, though anyone with any sort of
medical condition would be wise to consult their doctor first. Most will be
supportive because it is a safe way for keeping fit and supple and anyway
doctors these days are more open to the idea of alternative treatment ”

The Body Action mentioned is a relatively new form of therapy in the UK although the concept behind the product which is vibration therapy has a history dating back many years. This equipment is mentioned many times in the newspaper article but the journalists just seem to consider it to be another toning table, when in fact it is completely different The Body Action is in essence a platform that rocks across an axis causing involuntary muscle contraction without the need for conscious effort by the user further details can be found at Anne still uses the equipment twice a week spending an hour a time on the toning tables followed by ten minutes on the Body Action and says

“I am a great believer in Toning Tables and obviously think the Body Action is wonderful”

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Are we a nation of slouchers?

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

If slouching were a crime, then 99% of the UK would probably have a criminal record. As generations come and go, the teachings and benefits of good posture have been sadly forgotten, meaning that the UK is approaching the next millennium as a nation of slouchers with corrupt posture.

Every day people are encouraged to slouch. Lounging on badly designed soft sofas and easy chairs, sitting in the same position hunched over a desk all day of driving the car. Going about the necessary daily business can leave many prone to ill health.

Poor posture may be the true cause of many health problems, such as lower back pain, water retention, cellulite, varicose veins and aching limbs. All these are symptoms, which are usually treated, instead of getting to the heart of the problem, which could simply be poor posture.

These warning symptoms are signs that the body’s vital organs do not have the space needed to function to their full potential. Sit up straight and everyone grows at least two inches, the stomach becomes flatter and the rib cage moves up to its correct position and creates a waistline. This allows the organs to space out and function more efficiently.

To reverse the process of misalignment, there must be a shifting of weight distribution throughout the entire body and the pelvis, back muscles, rib cage and shoulders need to be re-educated and put back into position.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this rebalance is through the induced rhythmic motion of toning tables. Whilst toning tables may have been invented back in the 1930’s, our modern day lifestyle means we still need the benefits they offer, both today and well into the next century.

When was the last time your body had a service?

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Imagine the body is like a car, with all it’s many moving parts that need to be kept in good working order, moving in unison to ensure that it doesn’t become sluggish and break down. If we treated cars as badly as we do our bodies, they would probably never start again.

To give a car’s engine a spring clean it’s a simple matter of changing the oil, but that’s not possible in humans, or is it?

Yes, by revitalising our blood and lymphatic fluid circulatory systems, we allow blood to return to the heart to be re-oxygenated faster and for lymph fluid to remove toxins from the cells more efficiently, helping the body to repair itself and maintain good health which is possible through the induced rhythmic motion of toning tables.

How does it work?

Regular use of Toning Tables helps to stimulate increased blood and lymphatic fluid circulation.

The hidden benefits

Increased Blood Circulation. As most of us already know the heart works as a pump, pumping some 340 million litres of blood in an average lifetime. By increasing the rate at which the heart pumps through gentle exercise, blood is returned to the heart faster to be re-oxygenated which in turn means more oxygen being carried around the body and to the vital organs.

Increased Lymphatic Fluid Circulation.

Lymphatic fluids acts as the bodies natural defense system, these white blood cells which run almost parallel to the red blood cells use the lymph nodes in the body to filter toxins which can then be removed from the body through it’s natural waste system.

Unlike blood, lymphatic fluid has no pump and relies entirely on muscle contraction to move around the body.

The gentle stretching and contracting of the muscle by the use of toning tables therefore helps to increase lymphatic fluid circulation which in turn give a general feeling of well being.

Stop Making Excuses

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

How often have you said to yourselves, “I would love to exercise regularly but I just haven’t got the time, and besides I’m far too tired!” I would guess at about 75% of you.

Lets look at your objections a little closer. What is most people’s idea of regular exercise? Seven days a week, five days a week, or just running to the pub and back on a Sunday lunch time?

It’s often said that everything in moderation is ok and that relates to exercise also.

Exercising three to four times a week for no longer than an hour is all we need to help us keep fit and healthy (as highlighted in the recent BBC programme ‘Fighting Fat and Fighting Fit’) and it doesn’t have to leave you feeling exhausted.

Regular light exercise maybe the key to a healthier, happier stress free lifestyle, but remember the exercise you choose is important too.

So what about your other excuse, “I’m too tired.”

Regular exercise will help reduce fatigue and not only wake up our bodies but our minds too. It’s a proven fact that “a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.”

Exercising three to four hours a week will help keep minds active and alert enabling you to deal with day to day tasks much easier, therefore reducing everyday stress, which if not dealt with leads to tiredness and in some cases illness.

So regular exercise will help to improve your body and mind and should only take a few hours out of your busy schedule.

I’m sure if you try hard you can make time.

As I advised before, choosing the right exercise is most important, choose something you will enjoy and are able to do, so as not to look upon it as just another chore.

Toning tables are the perfect light, enjoyable exercise for the more mature less active person. They give a complete impact free exercise routine that will leave you feeling invigorated and alive, not flat out on the floor with exhaustion. Simple movements effortlessly achieved will tone your muscles, improve your physique and boost your feeling of well being by increasing all body fluid circulation.

So it’s time to stop making feeble excuses and join in the fun, and make sure your twenty first century is healthy, happy and stress free.