Stop Making Excuses

How often have you said to yourselves, “I would love to exercise regularly but I just haven’t got the time, and besides I’m far too tired!” I would guess at about 75% of you.

Lets look at your objections a little closer. What is most people’s idea of regular exercise? Seven days a week, five days a week, or just running to the pub and back on a Sunday lunch time?

It’s often said that everything in moderation is ok and that relates to exercise also.

Exercising three to four times a week for no longer than an hour is all we need to help us keep fit and healthy (as highlighted in the recent BBC programme ‘Fighting Fat and Fighting Fit’) and it doesn’t have to leave you feeling exhausted.

Regular light exercise maybe the key to a healthier, happier stress free lifestyle, but remember the exercise you choose is important too.

So what about your other excuse, “I’m too tired.”

Regular exercise will help reduce fatigue and not only wake up our bodies but our minds too. It’s a proven fact that “a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.”

Exercising three to four hours a week will help keep minds active and alert enabling you to deal with day to day tasks much easier, therefore reducing everyday stress, which if not dealt with leads to tiredness and in some cases illness.

So regular exercise will help to improve your body and mind and should only take a few hours out of your busy schedule.

I’m sure if you try hard you can make time.

As I advised before, choosing the right exercise is most important, choose something you will enjoy and are able to do, so as not to look upon it as just another chore.

Toning tables are the perfect light, enjoyable exercise for the more mature less active person. They give a complete impact free exercise routine that will leave you feeling invigorated and alive, not flat out on the floor with exhaustion. Simple movements effortlessly achieved will tone your muscles, improve your physique and boost your feeling of well being by increasing all body fluid circulation.

So it’s time to stop making feeble excuses and join in the fun, and make sure your twenty first century is healthy, happy and stress free.