When was the last time your body had a service?

Imagine the body is like a car, with all it’s many moving parts that need to be kept in good working order, moving in unison to ensure that it doesn’t become sluggish and break down. If we treated cars as badly as we do our bodies, they would probably never start again.

To give a car’s engine a spring clean it’s a simple matter of changing the oil, but that’s not possible in humans, or is it?

Yes, by revitalising our blood and lymphatic fluid circulatory systems, we allow blood to return to the heart to be re-oxygenated faster and for lymph fluid to remove toxins from the cells more efficiently, helping the body to repair itself and maintain good health which is possible through the induced rhythmic motion of toning tables.

How does it work?

Regular use of Toning Tables helps to stimulate increased blood and lymphatic fluid circulation.

The hidden benefits

Increased Blood Circulation. As most of us already know the heart works as a pump, pumping some 340 million litres of blood in an average lifetime. By increasing the rate at which the heart pumps through gentle exercise, blood is returned to the heart faster to be re-oxygenated which in turn means more oxygen being carried around the body and to the vital organs.

Increased Lymphatic Fluid Circulation.

Lymphatic fluids acts as the bodies natural defense system, these white blood cells which run almost parallel to the red blood cells use the lymph nodes in the body to filter toxins which can then be removed from the body through it’s natural waste system.

Unlike blood, lymphatic fluid has no pump and relies entirely on muscle contraction to move around the body.

The gentle stretching and contracting of the muscle by the use of toning tables therefore helps to increase lymphatic fluid circulation which in turn give a general feeling of well being.